Together We Bake is a comprehensive workforce training and personal development program for women in need of a second chance. We help women gain self-confidence, transferable workforce skills, and invaluable hands-on experience, which will allow them to find employment and move toward self-sufficiency.

The Basics

Learn about our mission and how Together We Bake got its start in 2012.


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Purchase our baked goods online or at select retail locations in the Washington, DC metro area.

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Latest Posts

Woman on the Rise – Lilly

Woman on the Rise: Lilly Monroe Sometimes the hardest thing for us to do is trust enough to let someone help, especially when we’ve made ourselves vulnerable before and gotten burned. Lilly Monroe came to Together We Bake in the spring after she served a four-month jail sentence and narrowly avoided additional time for breaking her probation. Skeptical that anyone would have her best interest […]

Meet Fitsum

Meet Fitsum

I am married. I have two children, I am so happy that God has given me these sweet children. Thank you God!  Together We Bake came to my community and I heard about the program and decided to take the class. I have learned so many things about food safety, how to run a business, and customer service. So many things I have learned. I […]

Meet Laura

Meet Laura

I am a mother with three children. I live with physical challenges every day. I fell and broke my back, and I had to have surgery involving a rod, screws and fusions. I currently live at a recovery house in Alexandria. The program manager at my house noticed my passion for the kitchen and cooking, despite my injury. She recommended Together We Bake for me […]