City of Alexandria, Virginia – Current Salute to Women Award Winners

Leadership in Business and Career Development – Stephanie Wright and Tricia Sabatini of Together We Bake Stephanie Wright and Tricia Sabatini combined their passion for doing good with Ms. Sabatini’s passion for cooking into a highly respected and extremely effective job training and personal development program for women in need of a second chance. Ms. Sabatini had a successful home-based cooking business and was looking for a way to use her cookies for good when she met Ms. Wright, a social worker who had always dreamed of starting a model community-based program. Both were volunteers at MacArthur Elementary School and both were runners. Through numerous runs and amazing synergy, the concept of Together We Bake was born.

In three years, Together We Bake has grown into a well-known empowerment-based job-training program for women who are transitioning from prison to community and low-income women facing difficult life circumstances. The program provides comprehensive workforce training and personal development to help women gain self-confidence, transferable workforce skills and hands-on experience to allow them to secure sustainable employment and move toward self-sufficiency.

Ms. Wright and Ms. Sabatini made connections, followed through on referrals, pleaded for support, and have constructed a highly effective model in the workforce development field. Together We Bake has made a difference for the women who have gone through the program and for the community. Read More at City of Alexandria