Meet Nibal

Nibal is the perfect example of what hard work and perseverance can help you accomplish. As a new immigrant to the US, she has found a way to overcome the hardships and challenges she faces. Nibal joined our Fall 2018 team. Her energy from the very beginning of class was positive and encouraging-just what you need to help empower other women.

She shared with us her culture through food, bringing in her favorite treats to share and celebrate empowerment. She found her zen and inner peace by focusing on meditation and by attending yoga sessions, which helps her in her day-to-day life. Her passion for baking will carry her far, and her new found empowerment will carry her even farther! Read more about Nibal’s story below.

Before I came to TWB, I was almost broken, weak. Then a friend of mine advised me to attend TWB. I hesitated for a while, especially because I am a new immigrant and have no experience in the USA. Also, my English language was bad.

The women at TWB were so nice and helpful. They took care of me. They became sisters to me. TWB was my second home.

At TWB I learned many skills that I didn’t know before-hard-working, food safety, customer service, even meditation and yoga. Now, I have the skills to find a job. The skills that I learned made me more confident and powerful.