How it works


Along with hand on training, our team members develop workforce-readiness skills highlighting the importance of punctuality, attendance, cooperation and teamwork. Together We Bake provides the chance to learn how to be successful in the workplace.

Food Safety Instruction

The ServSafe Food Protection Manager’s Certification Course is the nationally recognized course from the National Restaurant Association’s Educational Foundation. Team members are instructed and tested on the material. 90% of our graduates have their ServSafe certification.  This certification allows for preferential hiring, a higher starting salary, and opportunities for supervisory positions.

Baking Instruction and Production Experience

Program Staff lead daily instruction and supervision on basic baking skills and the food production processes throughout the program. Team members cycle through the Mixing, Baking and Cleaning Teams. We also have Guest Bakers who share their expertise.

Product Sales and Delivery

Team members cycle through the Business Team during the program.  While on the Business Team, they gain hands on experience in business administration (inventory, purchasing, order fulfillment, marketing, sales, and social media). Team members work at the Farmers’ Market and practice their public speaking, sales and marketing skills.


Life Skills/Empowerment

Daily empowerment or life skill sessions consist of discussion, exercises, and activities that help team members gain self awareness and self esteem, as well as encourage responsibility and accountability in their actions. Topics include stress and anger management, triggers and reframing, healing from trauma, positive coping skills, communication skills,  healthy relationships, and building a support network.