Staff & Board of Directors

Stephanie Wright

Stephanie Wright, Co-Founder/Co-Director, has a Master’s in Social Work, with a focus on program planning and administration. Stephanie has overall strategic and operational responsibility for TWB’s staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission. She is currently responsible for program planning, recruiting, community relations and the MSW Intern program. During the program, Ms. Wright co-leads the Empowerment and Life Skills groups. Stephanie is currently a member of the Community Criminal Justice Board for the City of Alexandria.

Tricia Sabatini

 Tricia Sabatini, Co-Founder/Co-Director, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Tricia has overall operational responsibility for the organization.  In addition to managing the kitchen and the program staff, Tricia is responsible for handling all TWB’s accounting tasks, including invoicing, accounts receivable and managing payroll.  Tricia also manages the orders, inventory and delivery of products to retail outlets and oversees TWB’s Business team who is responsible for shipping, inventory and deliveries. Prior to Together We Bake, Tricia had a very successful home based cookie business, Brown Box Cookies, for over 10 years.

Elizabeth Bennett-Parker, Co-Director/Founder of Fruitcycle, is responsible for developing all communications and marketing materials. She also maintains existing and develops new employer partnerships. She also is the social media guru of TWB, managing all social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She also serves on the Development Committee and oversees the volunteer program. She is currently the Vice Mayor for the City of Alexandria. She is a former Fulbright Fellow, graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Cornell University, and has an MA from the University of London.

Colida Johnson and Lisbeth Delcid, Program Managers, are graduates of Together We Bake. They provide the baking instruction in the kitchen, leadership on the business team. They also lead the ServSafe instruction, Empowerment and Life Skills groups. They are role models to the current team and provide a positive learning and training environment. Amazing women!

Patty Gomez, Outreach Specialist, is a graduate of Together We Bake. She runs the Del Ray Farmers’ Market on Saturdays, educating customers on our program and products. She also assists in the kitchen and provides outreach to fellow alumni.
 TWB Staff (from left to right): Lucy von Fahnestock, Stephanie Wright, Lisbeth Delcid, Allyson Jacobi (MSW student intern), Colida Johnson, Tricia Sabatini, Elizabeth Bennett-Parker, Tracy McGowan (MSW student intern)

Board of Directors

Dawn Bauman, SVP Government and Public Affairs, Community Associations Institute
Denise Raybon, Senior Specialist, Altarum
Melanie Ogleton, Lead for the Center for Population Health Strategies, Altarum Institute

Stuart Allen, Chief Development Officer, N Street Village

Erica Anaya, Lawyer and Entrepreneur

Morgan Hall, Mary Jane Patterson Fellow, District of Columbia Public Schools

Monika Jones, Senior Analyst, Parsons Corporation

Cathy Olson, Reporter/Editor & Publicist
Tricia Sabatini, Co-Founder, Together We Bake
Kathryn Simpson, VP and Deputy General Counsel, Northrup Grumman
Laura Walsh, Development Consultant
Board of Directors

Top row: Tricia Sabatini, Erica Anaya, Denise Raybon, Cathy Olson, and Tommy White. Bottom row: Stephanie Wright, Elizabeth Bennett, Kathryn Simpson, and Dawn Bauman.