Staff & Board of Directors

Stephanie Wright

Stephanie Wright, Co-Founder/Co-Director, has a Master’s in Social Work, with a focus on program planning and administration. Stephanie is responsible for program planning, recruiting, community relations, and fundraising. During the program, Stephanie co-leads the Empowerment and Life Skills groups. She also works with the Business team on website maintenance, social media, inventory, marketing, and sales. Stephanie was appointed by Governor McAuliffe to serve on Virginia’s Criminal Justice Services Board.

Tricia Sabatini

 Tricia Sabatini, Co-Founder/Co-Director, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Tricia is responsible for day to day management of the workforce training and personal development program. Tricia is the direct supervisor of the program staff. She also works with the Business team on website maintenance, social media, inventory, marketing, and sales. She also manages the orders, inventory and delivery of products to retail outlets. Prior to Together We Bake, Tricia had a very successful home based cookie business, Brown Box Cookies, for over 10 years.

Elizabeth Bennett-Parker, Co-Director/Founder of Fruitcycle, is responsible for employer and community partnerships, communications, and volunteers, and assists with fundraising. She was appointed by the Alexandria City Council to serve on the Community Criminal Justice Board and was selected as one of Alexandria’s 40 under 40 in 2017.  Elizabeth also serves on the boards of Agenda:Alexandria, Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture, and the Alexandria Regional Council for the United Way. She is a former Fulbright Fellow, graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Cornell University, and has an MA from the University of London.


Colida Johnson and Lisbeth Delcid, Program Assistants, are graduates of Together We Bake. They provide the baking instruction in the kitchen, as well as help lead the Empowerment and Life Skills groups. They are role models to the current team and provide a positive learning and training environment. They also keep in touch with TWB grads through phone calls, emails and social media.


Patty Huntt, Outreach Specialist, is a graduate of Together We Bake. She runs the Del Ray Farmers’ Market on Saturdays, educating customers on our program and products. She also assists in the kitchen and provides outreach to fellow alumni.





Board of Directors

Dawn Bauman, SVP Government and Public Affairs, Community Associations Institute
Denise Raybon, Senior Specialist, Altarum
Erica Anaya, Lawyer and Entrepreneur
Cathy Olson, Reporter/Editor & Publicist
Ross Perkins, COO, Mason Dixie Biscuit Company
Kathryn Simpson, VP and Deputy General Counsel, Northrup Grumman
Laura Walsh, Development Consultant
Tommy White, Executive in Residence, AU Entrepreneurship Incubator
Stephanie Wright, MSW, Co-Founder, Together We Bake
Board of Directors

Top row: Tricia Sabatini, Erica Anaya, Denise Raybon, Cathy Olson, and Tommy White. Bottom row: Stephanie Wright, Elizabeth Bennett, Kathryn Simpson, and Dawn Bauman.