If you are interested in becoming a Together We Bake volunteer, please read the following descriptions and fill out our online volunteer form. We will get in touch with you about upcoming volunteer activities. *Please note that we do not generally have opportunities to bake, as we leave that to our Team Members and TWB production staff (alumni Team Members).*

General Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer at One-Off Opportunities

We host volunteer nights on a bi-monthly basis; the activity generally involves stickering packages, which is a fun activity that can include kids ages 12 and up.  We will also send out other one-off events as they come up.

Volunteer as Market/Event Support

Together We Bake runs a stand at the Del Ray Farmers’ Market and Crystal City Farmers’ Market and has other markets and pop ups across the DC metro area on a sporadic basis. We will provide training to help run our booth and talk about TWB.

 Volunteer as a Job Counselor

TWB is looking for volunteers to act as Job Counselors for our upcoming sessions. All Job Counselors will meet with their assigned Team Members on Wednesdays from 1:30 – 2:30. TWB will be providing lunch for the Team Members from 1:00 – 1:30. We have found that building these sessions into the program day results in significantly improved outcomes. The Spring session begins on April 14th and ends on June 4th. If a Job Counselor can’t make a Wednesday, an alternate Job Counselor will fill in. 

The Job Counselor role entails working one on one with a current Team Member to develop long term vision and goals related to employment, assess job readiness, prepare a resume, prepare for interviews, practice interviewing skills through mock interviews, identify potential positions and support the application process. In depth training is required, please contact Kathy or Susan for more information.

Volunteer as a Social Media Ambassador

Help promote TWB on social media by sharing our posts and creating your own.

Committee Membership

We have established committees to work towards meeting our strategic plan goals. Each of these committees is dependent on committed volunteers like you! Each committee has a board liaison and a staff liaison. We are seeking volunteers for the following committees:

Awareness/Advocacy Committee
The committee is responsible for developing and executing a plan to fulfill the strategic plan priority related to building public awareness for Together We Bake and the issues important to our mission.
Committee Contact:  Lucy von Fahnestock

Development Committee
The committee is responsible for planning and executing a plan to meet our goals for fundraising; including the Empowerment Breakfast, Spring2Action, Year-End Appeal, Empowerment Circle, major donor development, and faith-based partnerships.
Committee Contact:  Tracie Harris

Volunteer as a Group

Do you know a group of people who would like to help Together We Bake? Our primary group activity is a stickering party, where we apply our labels to our packaging. It’s a fun task that facilitates conversation amongst the group. If you have fewer than 10 people and are willing to volunteer with others on a weeknight, you are welcome to join one of our bi-monthly volunteer nights. Otherwise, please note that we are a small organization and coordinating/running a private group volunteer event requires staff time away from other activities, so we have a $100 requested donation to help us accommodate you. We currently have limited group volunteering opportunities available; if you’d like to be notified when we have availability, please fill out this form